50 UBC Students Received ‘SPM Fast Track’ SPM Scholarships

A total of 50 students from the Centre of Excellence, Sultan Azlan Shah University Bridging Centre (UBC), received ‘SPM Fast Track’ scholarships, while three others received the Tertiary Funding Scheme.

In addition, 13 people also received a one-off grant for this year’s studies at the university involved.

The UBC ‘SPM Fast Track’ Program is a program specially prepared for students who do not have the opportunity to take the SPM exam at the secondary school level. For example, tahfiz graduates, homeschooling students, etc., have the opportunity to sit for the SPM exam in just 10 months at USAS.

Vice Chancellor of Sultan Azlan Shah University (USAS), Tan Sri Prof Dr Nordin Kardi said, this is the second year of implementation for this SPM Fast Track through UBC programme.

“This year, UBC accepted a total of 138 students consisting of 37 women and 101 men.

“Thank you to Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (YPM) for helping the university in convincing Maybank Islamic Berhad to sponsor the ‘SPM Fast Track’ programme that we have implemented for the second year.

“The highest appreciation also goes to Maybank Islamic Berhad for choosing USAS as the recipient of study assistance for Tahfiz graduate students who are studying ‘SPM Fast Track’ at UBC as scholarship recipients,” he said, while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Yayasan Pelajaran MARA 2022 Fast Track programme, at the USAS Multipurpose Hall on Tuesday.

Also present were the Chairman of the MARA Education Foundation, Datuk Mohd Razman Yaacob and the Regional Cluster Manager of Maybank Perak, Suriana Parno.

Nordin also said all the students have registered to sit for SPM 2022 which is expected to take place in March next year.

He added that his side aimed to give the aid to B40 families and eligible students, as well as through interviews conducted with YPM.

“YPM is also willing to fund diploma and bachelor’s degree programmes through the Tertiary Education Scheme and One-Off Education assistance to USAS,” he added.

He said USAS is proud of the achievements of UBC students, whereby 93 percent of them passed the SPM in 2021.

“Among the best successes achieved by UBC students in SPM 2021 were those who obtained 8A, 7A, 6A and 5A.

“Based on the statistics of SPM 2021 student achievement at UBC, it shows that UBC tahfiz students are excellent, and not just only excellent in Islamic Studies subjects. They are even capable and excellent in general subjects such as Language, History and Science,” he said.

He also said that there are two UBC 2021 students who will leave for Jordan next week and will continue their studies at Jordan’s Zarqa University and Jerash University, in the field of Fiqh Wa Usul.

“Congratulations to all students who continue their studies in their respective fields,” he said.

by Rosli Mansor

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