MBI On Forming Emergency Response Team

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) is about to expand the volunteer Emergency Response Team (ERT) to not only for every flat but also to cover housing estate areas.

Ipoh Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi bin Baharin @ Md Daud said ERT is a voluntary public involvement in preparation for disasters.

“The selection of Ipoh’s Hospital Jalan Flats as the location for the launch of the first ERT team in the state of Perak was because it includes 12 building blocks consisting of 584 residential units and 22 shophouse units and the height of the block is three to four storeys.

“The Ministry of Housing and Local Government has approved an allocation of RM12,252 for MBI to implement this ERT programme. A total of 12 volunteers will undergo basic emergency aid training from the Fire and Security Team.

“I believe that the trained ERT team is able to deal with any problem that arises while waiting for the Fire and Security Team to arrive at the scene,” he said in a press conference in conjunction with the Opening Ceremony of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) at Hospital Jalan Flats yesterday.

The ERT volunteers were also exposed to knowledge related to fire prevention in order to help reduce the risk of larger fires occurring at an early stage.

According to Rumaizi, the community should not expect the Fire Department to deal with emergency issues without giving a little cooperation, especially in fighting and controlling fires.

“The ERT team is the best approach that is capable of reducing the constraints faced by the Fire Department and ensuring that the environment, lives and property are preserved.

“The involvement of the local community can prevent and reduce the rate of death and loss of property caused by fire,” he said.

by Rosli Mansor

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