Illegal Parking Attendants or ‘Ulat Parkir’ Infest City

The increased number of vehicles in the city during the weekend is one of the factors for the presence of illegal parking attendant operations or better known as ‘ulat parkir’.

Among the activities of illegal parking attendants are to illegally charge visitors for parking or to block off parking spots and not allow access unless paid.

The mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud said that the Ipoh City Council (MBI) is aware of the grievances and issues, and have already carried out enforcement with the police.

He explained that among the areas targeted by these illegal parking attendants are around the Night Gate and People’s Park, including Pekan Baru, especially at night.

“We have noticed the matter and enforcement has been increased.

“But we need people to understand that compared to 2019, especially on weekends, the number of cars here have more than tripled.

“So it can be said that there are more opportunities for illegal parking attendants because our MBI enforcement officers are understaffed.

He said this in commenting on the issue of illegal parking attendants, which were once again rampant in the city of Ipoh, which is said to be unsettling to the public.

Rumaizi was met by reporters at a press conference after the Opening Ceremony of the Prosperous Perak Symposium on Wednesday.

However, Rumaizi said his party will arrange cooperation with other authorities such as the police, to combat the issue.

“There are patrols at night carried out by MBI enforcers together with police officers to inspect certain locations.

“There are also policemen in plain clothes giving information, that is one of the efforts we are carrying out now.

“These illegal parking attendants have their own group; if they break the law they will be prosecuted under the law,” he added.

Before this, it was understood that the activities or activities of illegal parking attendants are again widespread around this city, especially in remote and dark locations at night.

The situation, to some extent, caused anxiety among the public because it was feared that it would cause damage to the vehicle if money was not given to the individuals involved.

by Rosli Mansor

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