Screamfest – Terror and Fun Haunt Lost World of Tambun

For those who want to experience a spooky and thrilling atmosphere, they should visit the Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) theme park to see zombies and terrors of the night, roaming around.

This different experience is brought to the visitors by Screamfest which transforms most of the theme park into an open haunted house.

Various ghostly characters will surprise visitors while passing through six horror areas in the theme park accompanied by spooky sounds.

Among them are Curse of The Deviants, Haunted Chambers: Zombies vs Vampires, Witch’s Alley, Reaper’s Passage, Evac Express and Lupe’s Adventure – Spooky Ride.

Evac Express for example is a train ride through the Tin Valley area where along the way there will be zombie characters messing around like in the movie Train to Busan.

Lupe’s Adventure – Spooky Ride is the experience of riding the only roller coaster in the state of Perak to be haunted by vampires and dark tunnels.

Screamfest is a new attraction which invites people to have fun in an environment often depicted in horror films.

LWOT expects the presence of up to 10,000 visitors a day throughout the event, especially during public holidays.

LWOT General Manager, Nurul Nuzairi said that Screamfest follows the hugely successful Day of The Dead Halloween party that featured Mexican elements such as colourful costumes and big hats two years ago.

“However, LWOT was unable to organise a big event due to the pandemic, so we had to wait for the situation to recover before holding the Rise of the Zombies themed Screamfest.

“Screamfest has six horror attractions for visitors to enter, five thrilling stage performances and other entertaining activities.

“Screamfest is also an additional attraction at the LWOT night park involving a large part of the theme park area that changes its face like an open haunted house,” she said.

She had previously opened the curtain of the Screamfest performance last night at a session with the media.

Screamfest will run for 11 nights starting October 21 and will be another of the best LWOT horror fests ever organised.

LWOT also created a special location for visitors who want a thrilling but fun challenge.

For the stage performances, visitors were entertained by the Zombie Royalty Ball group featuring Cirque Du Freak, The Condemned by Flaming Percussion, Dukun Mantra and the Scream Fest Final Show: Zombie DJ Party.

Nurul said that Screamfest is also seen as a good start for LWOT to revive tourism activities that have been gloomy over the past two years.

“After this, we will organise more events as one of the initiatives to re-invigorate local tourism and attract visitors to come to Ipoh.

“We are confident that this event can have an impact on how a festival or party that is usually held abroad can also be given a local touch to become an attraction,” she said.

As a complete water theme park, LWOT is a suitable entertainment location for family activities.

Among the existing attractions at LWOT, are Lost World Water Park, Lost World Amusement Park, Lost World Petting Zoo, Lost World Hot Spring & Spa, Lost World Tiger Valley, Lost World Tin Valley and Lost World Adventure Park.

by Rosli Mansor

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