GE15: Early voting ran smoothly

by Rosli Mansor

Early voting in the Perak Contingent conducted today involved 72 polling stations (122 channels) out of 953 polling stations (3,901 channels).

Perak Police Chief, Dato’ Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri said that among the voting breakdowns at the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) premises were 54 (72 channels) and 18 military premises (50 channels).

“Based on the records of the Election Commission (SPR), a total of 31,291 early voters were involved in the state of Perak with a breakdown of 12,215 Perak PDRM members and 19,076 military members.

“A total of 1,641 early voters will vote at the polling station, contingent training centre, Pasir Puteh Police Station involving five channels.

“For information, postal voting for Perak PDRM members has already been conducted on November 14, 2022 (Monday), involving a total of 565 voters, with a breakdown of 322 locality voters in the state of Perak and 243 locality voters outside the state of Perak as approved by the EC as a postal voter,” he said in a media statement today.

According to him, the voting process went well and smoothly as planned.

The manpower for early voting in the Perak Contingent involved a total of 245 senior officers and 886 junior police officers with a total strength of 1,131 people.

The police advised the public, especially the candidates and supporters of the contesting parties, not to commit any mistakes during campaigning activities to avoid unwanted incidents.

Some things that should be followed are not to provoke the opponent, such as via mockery or throwing objects at the other party; not to raise sensitive issues such as racial and religious issues and Royal institutions or to make statements that can arouse the anger of other races and religious followers while campaigning.

“Those involved should also not commit acts of vandalism against public property or the competing party, for example damaging, tearing down, scratching and burning posters, banners, billboards and flags of the opposing party because it is an act of vandalism and against the law, under section 427 of the penal code.

“If convicted of an offence, they can be punished with imprisonment of up to two years or a fine or both.

“Applying for a speech permit and following the laws and regulations that are currently in force are mandatory. In addition, one must campaign politely, prudently and without exaggeration,” he said.

He added that the Perak PDRM is always committed to ensuring that GE-15 in the state of Perak runs smoothly, perfectly and safely.

Perak PDRM expressed its gratitude to the community and all the candidates who competed in the state of Perak for the cooperation given throughout the GE-15 period.

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