Create a transit house to help single mothers who lose their homes

By Rosli Mansor

An initiative to provide transit houses or temporary residences for single mothers who have been hit by calamity needs to be done by the state government for their welfare.

This is for the immediate assistance to those who are suddenly homeless.

Disasters that occur, for example, due to the loss of the head of the family due to death, disaster, divorce and irresponsible family heads.

Member of the Pangkor State Legislative Assembly, Norhaslinda Zakaria, said that this transit house initiative is very necessary to house the people in question who have no shelter.

She said, there are several circumstances that cause there to be cases of single mothers and children having to stay in cars for several weeks after losing their homes.

“The same goes for poor families who are evicted from rented houses and have no shelter.

“So, the government’s initiative to provide transit homes for the needy is highly desired in helping those who need transit homes for a certain period.

“If possible, the state government will establish this transit house programme in every district in the state of Perak,” she said when met.

Earlier, this single mother transit home initiative was voiced by Norhaslinda at the debate session of the 15th Perak State Legislative Assembly today.

Explaining further, she said this initiative was introduced as an initial step to help the group of single mothers.

She explained that those selected will stay temporarily before going on to rent another residence once life becomes stable again.

“The state government can also work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that have been identified to manage the residential units and identify the affected groups,” she said.

A similar initiative that can be introduced is to help in paying for children in childcare centres for single mothers.

It is specific to single mothers who cannot afford to go out to work to earn a living without having to leave their children.

“This childcare centre initiative or assistance in paying for children in childcare centres for the underprivileged is very necessary, especially as an encouragement for single mothers to become independent by going out to work.

“That way they don’t just rely on help from government agencies alone or expect the kindness of the public,” she said.

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