COVID-19: The Ministry of Health will carry out screening tests at international gates

By Rosli Mansor

The Malaysian Ministry of Health (MoH) will carry out screening of fever for all travellers arriving from abroad at international gates.

In a statement via the Ministry of Health’s social media site, the Ministry of Health said the action was a precaution to face the increase in cases of COVID-19 reported in several countries, including China, at this time.

Minister of Health, YB Dr. Zaliha Mustafa conducted a special working visit to both Kuala Lumpur International Airports (KLIA) yesterday.

The visit aimed to review the preparedness to receive the arrival of travellers from all over the world following the development of the COVID-19 infection at an international level.

“Those found to have fever or symptoms or self-referrals will be referred to the health department for re-examination.

“In addition, Malaysia had started conducting environmental surveillance of COVID-19 using sewage since June 2022. It is intended as a supplementary surveillance for COVID-19 in line with the transition to the endemic phase.

“The process of monitoring wastewater from aircraft involves systematic sampling and testing of untreated wastewater and sewage sludge.

“SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA fragments are present in the faeces of individuals infected with the virus regardless of health status (symptomatic, asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic or recovered) and can be detected in sewage,” the statement said.

The sewage sampling process is carried out by the KLIA Health Office (PK) in collaboration with the KLIA airport before the sewage is released from the lavatory truck to the aircraft waste disposal facilities.

These samples are then sent to MKAK for the testing process. This risk assessment is carried out continuously by the Ministry of Health to identify countries at risk as supplementary surveillance for COVID-19.

A risk assessment will be carried out and a review of prevention and control measures will be made based on information and the current situation.

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