Macau Scam: Elderly woman deceived by ‘Lady Rohani’

By Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

An elderly woman lost RM140,000 as a result of being tricked by a Macau Scammer posing as a police officer.

According to Manjung District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Nor Omar Sappi, the 66-year-old and unemployed victim was initially contacted by an individual who introduced herself as Puan Rohani in October last year.

He said the victim was alleged to be involved in a money laundering case and would be arrested following the crime.

“The police from the Manjung District Police Headquarters (IPD) received a police report regarding the Macau Scam fraud yesterday.

“The victim was defrauded from October 2022 until the end of December 2022. On January 16, the victim checked her bank account and found that the money had decreased,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

He said the victim had been asked to transfer money from Tabung Haji to the scammer’s bank account.

“The victim was asked to hand over bank details to the scammer and the scammer himself transferred the victim’s money to an unknown individual’s account.

“The victim only realised that she was cheated after checking her bank account and found that the money in the account was gone,” he added.

Nor Omar said as much as RM2.4 million involving 87 Macau Scam cases were recorded in Manjung district throughout last year.

“The police found that one of the modus operandi of the Macau Scam fraud is that the suspect contacts the victim by impersonating the enforcement officer, police, IRB, MACC, court, financial institution or service company.

“People are reminded not to accept phone calls from unknown individuals and not to disclose banking information to any party,” he said.

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