Undecided if you should walk on a treadmill, the street or in a park? Choose this greener option.

by Anne Das

The Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreational Park, popularly known as Polo Ground was first used for polo matches in the 60’s, subsequently it turned into a Sports Rallying venue and then became our famous recreation park.  Interestingly it was named after Sultan Abdul Aziz (the 31st Sultan of Perak) who was known to be an enthusiastic horticulturist himself.

Beautiful streams of water seen all around the park.

Today the park is an ideal place for exercise with plenty of gorgeous green space for all sorts of outdoor activities.  From early morning runners, to groups of elderly people practising tai chi, yoga and zumba, people flying kites, kids on roller skates and lots of joggers and walkers, this place is always buzzing with healthy activity.

The best part is, everyone comes to this park for a common reason.  The guarantee of fresh air and to be surrounded in nature. Other best parts include No gym fees, totally inexpensive and perhaps even healthier. Thanks to jogging tracks, mini obstacles and jungle gyms thoughtfully erected within the confines of the park, you can break a sweat just as easily as you could in a gym. The added bonus is of course, an enticing scenery composed of lush greenery and a turtle/ fish filled calming lake.

Polo Ground also has a reflexology pebble path, a brand-new children’s play structure that resembles a giant castle (as seen in the picture), lots of wide-open areas for picnics, is wheelchair friendly and has two locations for public toilets. Dogs and cycling are not allowed in the park.

This popular park has been our constant during the tumultuous times of the pandemic, offering a sense of peace and calm to all who decide to partake in its offerings.

Visits to parks and other outdoor green spaces help people boost their happiness levels, it elicits a sense of appreciation for life and definitely encourages more use of our senses than on a treadmill!

Sultan Abdul Aziz Park (Polo Ground) 5km

Route Details –

Ø  Length              :3.1 mi

Ø  Est Steps          :7,000

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