Delicious Handmade Wan Tan Mee in Taiping

by Anne Das.

This stall came to my attention not only because of its handmade noodles but also for its name. What is Tik Tok C36, Wan Tan Mee?

Curious, I went on a day trip to Taiping to find some answers and most importantly try their famous noodles. Here is what I discovered.

Tik Tok (C36) has been serving its handmade Wan Tan noodles since 1949.

In those days it was very common to hear vendors who sold “on the spot noodles’ from bicycles or tricycles, way before you saw them. They would knock a wooden spoon onto a porcelain bowl to announce their arrival as they moved from area to area. People would excitedly chase after the ‘Tik Tok’ or “Tok Tok” man who would then serve up piping hot noodles straight from his bicycle and swiftly cycle away.

Interestingly the name stuck and is weirdly, made trendy again in 2023.

Calvin Teng

Speaking with Calvin Teng, 3rd Generation Teng Family of the famous Tik Tok noodles.

“My grandfather used to sell our wan tan mee on a moving cart and handed the family business to my father thereafter. In 1992, the government gave us a permanent stall in which we are currently situated in. My siblings and I grew up being involved in the business and were helping out ever since I can remember.”

Mrs Teng and her homemade signature Yong Tau Foo spread

Now 41, Calvin is carrying on his family’s authentic recipe of Wan Tan Noodles here, guaranteeing fresh dumplings, Sui Kaw and Yong Tau Foo which are also hand made. This nostalgic stall still bustles with a crowd and since his father’s passing, Calvin, and his mother “man” the stall and they only open 4 days in a week. Please note, people are already waiting in queue by 5.30pm. Be sure to get there early if you do not want to be disappointed.

What I like about this Wan Tan Mee other than it being handmade, is that the noodles are very springy, firm yet chewy with the savoury black sauce ladled into it nicely. The wontons were meaty, unlike many places where it is mostly just the slippery skin encasing a small dollop of meat.  The leafy vegetables were blanched ‘a la minute’ and tasted really fresh and crunchy.  The pickled chilli provided a spicy sour punch with every bite. Most places overlook this detail, sometimes serving this star condiment without much thought.

(Break) Photo/ Video

This iconic Cantonese dish holds a special place in the hearts of many Malaysians who consider it the ultimate comfort food on any given day. This springy blanched noodle dish, is tossed in dark soy sauce and served up with succulent and juicy dumplings in a fragrant broth. Tender pieces of flavourful barbeque pork (char siew) is optional but it sure adds that extra sweetness which is by no means, easy to resist. Often garnished with a leafy Chinese vegetable like Kai Lan or Choi Sum and is usually priced between RM 5 to RM 12 depending on its variations and add-ons.

Passed down from generation to generation, Tik Tok C3 Wan Tan Mee in Taiping, certainly tops the list of some of the delicious noodles available in Perak.

Handmade dumplings being steamed after assembling
Hand Made Yong Tau Foo is another famous item on his menu



Address            : Taiping Food Court, 34000, Taiping, Perak
Operations       : Saturdays to Tuesdays only – 6pm to 10pm
Contact            : Calvin 019-347 7286

The Teng Family
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  1. U should try another noodle from his stall..seriously no regret.find Calvin ask for wantan noodle,soup base go for curry mix laksa.dont forget their sambal,prawn paste and mint leaf!!
    The taste will explode ur mind!!!! Once u go curry laksa,u will never forget the taste!!!

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