Zombie Run at Terminal Kampar Putra

By KT Leong

The walking dead will be making a dead run at the Zombie Run in Kampar on 25 February.

Originally scheduled for November last year, the zombiepocalypse had to be postponed due to an even  greater cataclysm, known as the General Election. But now they’re back and you can join them in running for your life, or to munch on the brains of your fellow runners.

The Zombie Run, which is a 4 km run which will see runners start from Terminal Kampar Putra and swing around the water station before returning back to Terminal Kampar Putra, is made special by the inclusion of zombies among its runners.

In addition to the zombies that the organisers will bring along, there will be professional make-up artists to help participants join the legion of the undead. Charges of only between RM10 to RM15 may apply.

Those keen to be zombified are recommended to arrive early, so that the make-up artists can do their voodoo magic. It takes approximately 10-20 minutes to turn each person into the undead. So participants who are interested should arrive an hour or two early, so that they would have plenty of time for selfies and photo ops.

Super Early Bird tickets are RM58, Early Bird tickets are RM68 and normal tickets are RM78. However, the Super Early Birds are almost sold out, so those keen to join should book early.

But the dead can do more than just walk and run, they can also dance! Once the run is done, the organisers will also be holding a dance party for the survivors and the grateful undead.

“We are putting in our sincere efforts to make Perak a happening place,” said the organisers.

Event: Zombie Run

Venue: Terminal Kampar Putra
Flag Off: 8.00 pm
Cut Off: 9.30 pm
Dance Off: 9.45 pm
Ends at: 11.00 pm

Contact Jacky for tickets or further information at 014-9034520

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