Lalaland Cafe, a container restaurant with a cheerful concept

By: Zaki Saleh

Lalaland Cafe highlights the container cafe concept as a new attraction for gastronomic enthusiasts in the city of Ipoh.

Located on Jalan Lasam, this container cafe is different as it creates a cheerful atmosphere in the colourful premises that symbolises joy.

Lalaland Cafe was completed in just three months, taking into account the concept of a similar restaurant in the United States.

The owner of the cafe, Chong Jin Wu said, the idea to venture into business came during the pandemic period when he thought of a different concept for a cafe.

“After the partners agreed, we decided to choose this location because of its strategic position.

“We changed the contractor to complete the basic construction of this container before thinking about the food concept.

“Currently Lalaland Cafe serves dishes based on chicken and other western food,” he told Ipoh Echo.

The opening ceremony of this cafe was completed by the mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, today.

According to Jin Wu, he and his partner spent about RM800,000 to open the cafe.

This cafe can accommodate up to 200 customers including the open space that allows visitors to see the surrounding scenery.

“For cooking and chicken wings, we use our recipes while raw supplies are obtained from local suppliers.

“This cafe is suitable for all ages and those who come with families and children.

“Visitors do not need to doubt because the cafe staff are all locals. At the same time we are also applying for halal certification,” he said.

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