A stubborn, community attitude is the cause of littering

By: Rosli Mansor

The Manjung Municipal Council (MPM) continues its efforts to educate the community on cleanliness even though there is still stubbornness.

Many people throw their garbage out in the open until it becomes an illegal garbage dump.

MPM’s Corporate and Public Relations Unit informed that this should not happen because the garbage collection schedule is carried out regularly.

According to the statement, scheduled garbage collection services are carried out three times a week in housing estate areas.

“Bulk garbage collection is also on the schedule and the community is asked to be aware of the matter.

“Unfortunately, the attitude and behaviour of littering are becoming more and more common,” he said in a statement.

MPM always cleans up the sites of illegal garbage piles and as a preventive measure has placed ‘no littering’ signs.

Actions include placing a barrier in the affected area, but some have invaded again.

According to the statement, the enforcement authorities have arrested individuals and charged them with compounds because they were recorded on closed-circuit cameras throwing garbage openly.

However, the same individual will commit the same offence if he is not afraid of the punishment imposed.

Therefore, civic awareness and responsibility must be there.

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