BBP Tambun is upgraded, PM completes the opening ceremony

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – The people of Tambun get another benefit when the criteria of the Tambun Fire and Rescue Station (BBP) is now raised from a Category D station to a Category C station.

This makes the number of members in the station increase to 29 people led by the Head of Station grade KB29.

In addition, a Fire Rescue Tender (FRT) machine is also stationed here to increase operations.

Currently, BBP Tambun has a strength of 10 members led by a KB26 grade officer.

The operation of the station also makes Perak the second state with the most fire stations which is 35 stations.

The fire station had previously been officially handed over by the Public Works Department to the Perak state JBPM in December 2021.

The operation of this fire station is important because of the position of Tambun and the rapid development in this area.

Among them, industrial areas such as Bercham and tourism and recreation sectors such as Lost World of Tambun, which are the focus of the public, also increase the risk of accidents.

Yesterday, the opening ceremony of BBP Tambun was completed by Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim who then announced the increase in the station’s criteria.

Earlier, Anwar received the Prime Minister’s Honor from the parade members of the Perak State Fire and Rescue Department.

BBP Tambun is upgraded, PM completes the opening ceremony

Unity Valley Promenade,
31150 Ulu Kinta, State of Perak

Emergency Line: 999
Direct Line: 05 – 533 5614
Whatapps Line: 019 – 231 5168
Facsimile: 05 – 533 5615

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