Ramadan Iftar: Sup Tujuh Keturunan and Asam Pedas Ikan Pari are among the killer menu of MH Hotel, must try!

By Rosli Mansor

If you miss the taste of your mother’s cuisine but don’t have time to go back to your hometown, MH Hotel is where you can please your tastebuds.

Selera Warisan Bonda, that’s the theme of the MH Hotel Ramadan Buffet which starts from 27th March to 20th April, still maintaining the traditional dishes of old Malay cuisine.

A total of 70 types of dishes are served every day, including Asam Pedas Ikan Pari, Kari Ikan Tenggiri, Ayam Masak Madu, Varuval Goat and Black Peppers Meat among the main dishes that must be tried.

The worst thing is if you miss out on the Sup Tujuh Keturunan, the magical touch of Chef Mohd Khamizan Mohamad Jabar who has 17 years of experience in the field of cooking.

“The Sup Tujuh Keturunan menu came about when I started learning in the field of cooking through the chefs I studied with and I prepared it a little with my creativity to create a taste as great as its name.

“To further diversify the tastes and appetites of visitors, we also provide several food stalls that serve grilled lamb, various traditional Malay cakes and four types of kerabu (salad).

“My main course menu also highlights Chinese and Indian flavours such as Chicken Dry Chilies and Varuval Goat,” he said.

The promotional price for adults is RM78.00 per head, seniors RM68.00 per head and children RM60.00 per head. The normal price for adults is RM98.00, seniors RM88.00 and children RM80.00.

Reservations can be made by calling 05 545 1000, 013 512 2988, 013 523 2288, 019 550 9088 and 019 452 6688.

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