Introducing Lovely Pet Resort; Where Your Pets Can Go On Vacation Too!

Em-BARK Upon Your Next Adventure! Have You Heard? They’re Holding A Pool Pawty!

by Lam Yat Yee

Recently, the Lovely Pet Resort, located in Greentown, Ipoh, hosted a pool pawty! Under the sunny weather, the fruitful event garnered the attention and support of many people bringing their fursuit buddies along for a splash in the shallow wading pool.

The event was well planned, with professionals checking every furry visitor for ticks, mange and other issues at the entry before letting them into the splashing pool. They also offered a ‘Pet’s Bowl’ menu, listing a selection of meaty treats.

Currently, the resort only offers access to their pool as well as their grooming spa services for dogs and cats. This includes styling, nail trimming, bathing, and so forth. They even have their own fur friendly line of restoration shampoo!

There is also a very wide variety of animals that you can visit while at the Lovely Pet Resort. From mundane to exotic, they are a veritable mini-zoo. Guinea pigs and rabbits? Sure. Chipmunks and Rabbits? Certainly. But also bullfrogs, snakes and chameleons, oh my. If you or your kids are fans of the Lion King, you can meet Timon in real life by checking out their meerkats.

Planning a visit? Fret not! Entry is free for humans, but you’ll have to pay RM10 to bring your non-human bestie along. However, you’ll receive a goody bag complete with a potty kit for your canine or feline friend, and also a beverage to keep yourself hydrated! The fee to use the splashing pool is RM55 per dog.

The Lovely Pet Resort is currently open daily from 5 pm to 10 pm. Their official opening will be on April 20, whereby their operating hours will extend to be from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

Their F&B is scheduled to be launched on May 1, but as of now, they offer drinks and simple snacks such as Nasi Lemak, spring rolls, and fries from their snack bar. They have 2 cafe areas, with one being dog-friendly while the other will be for people who would rather not be around dogs.

They are also currently undergoing renovations and kennel services for both cats and dogs will be available once those renovations are done.

For further inquiries, contact them at 019-331 9400 or pay them a visit at 8, Lebuh Satu, Greentown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.

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