Heat Stroke: Schools are allowed to close if the temperature is 37 degrees Celsius 3 days in a row

By: Rosli Mansor

The Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM) will allow administrators to close schools if the hot weather is at warning level two with the highest temperature exceeding 37 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days.

Through a circular broadcast letter signed by the Deputy Director General of Education, Norisah Suhaili, the decision was made considering the weather situation that was reported to be happening in several locations across the country at the moment.

According to the letter, all outdoor activities involving pupils, students and teachers must be stopped including cross-country, camping, parades, sports and games outside the building and agriculture.

“The closure of educational institutions due to the daily temperature status of hot weather must be notified by the administrator to the registrar immediately orally and in writing using any suitable medium.

“The administrator must submit an official notification letter to the registrar regarding the closure of educational institutions due to the daily temperature status for hot weather at warning level two.

“It must be attached with supporting documents explaining the risk assessment process carried out before the decision to close the educational institution,” she said.

In addition, the administrator needs to ensure that the rooms on the school premises have good ventilation, including constantly monitoring the students’ health levels to avoid any risks such as heat stroke.

She explained that the guidelines are expected to ensure that the management of the closure of educational institutions can be implemented in an orderly manner.

The letter applies with immediate effect to all educational institutions under the Ministry of Education and Culture if their area is declared to be affected by a heat wave by the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia).

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