Reader Opinion: A Clean River And Lake Would Provide Coherent Beauty

By Ronald Benjamin

Secretary for Association for Welfare, Community and Dialogue

I regularly walk along the riverbank at Kinta River, adjacent to Taman DR Seenivasagam Ipoh.

After enjoying the scenic beauty of the trees at the river bank, I usually proceed to Taman Dr Seenivasagam, to observe its landscape and sit at the three pronged concrete bridges where one could observe the lake opposite.

While enjoying the greenery and the landscape over a period of time  I realised something was clearly amiss  that would provide coherence to the beauty of the recreation park.

I noticed the Kinta River and the lake were extremely dirty, which is a contradiction to the beauty and greenery of the recreation park.

The Kinta river bank and its adjacent Taman DR Seenivasagam park has been developed over the years to attract Ipoh residents and tourists to experience its recreational value.

It is disappointing that the conditions of the river and lake have not been addressed to complement the development of the park.

Failure of the authorities to clean the Kinta river and the lake would certainly reduce the aesthetic value of its surroundings.

In this regard It is vital to address the eco-beauty of these areas holistically to appreciate its essence.

Therefore I urge the local government authorities to initiate the cleaning of the river and the lake which is long overdue.

These would certainly complement the beauty of the greenery and landscape of DR Seenivasagam.

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