The skills program helps Orang Asli youth explore career opportunities

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: A total of 10 Orang Asli youths successfully completed training in technical fields and vocational skills to receive the Home Maintenance Basic Course Certificate.

This skills program is organized by Pusat Aspirasi Anak Perak (PASAK).

This course has given exposure to the Orang Asli community about the advantages that will be gained when venturing into acquiring skills.

For example, home maintenance makes it a stepping stone in building a profitable career.

This is because these skills are still lacking and canĀ  be used in everyday life.

Meanwhile in a different program, as many as 20 participants were given a certificate after completing the Boat Pilot Training Course.

This course is organized for those who are interested in becoming boat operators for example, in the tourism sector in this state.

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