Gotong Royong Mega 1.0 Combats Aedes At Ipoh District Police Headquarters

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – Efforts to ensure cleanliness in the surrounding areas to prevent the dengue outbreak extend to government premises and offices as well.

The initiative to avoid premises becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes has been taken up by the personnel at the Ipoh District Police Headquarters (IPD Ipoh).

This proactive step is aimed at keeping the IPD Ipoh area clean and free from Aedes mosquito breeding.

To achieve this goal, the Gotong-Royong Mega 1.0 Perangi Aedes program was organized within the IPD Ipoh premises, including the police station under its administration.

The main objective was to eliminate all possible breeding sites for mosquitoes while maintaining cleanliness and enhancing the overall ambience of the area.

Simultaneously, the program aimed to strengthen the bond among the personnel and their families within the IPD Ipoh community.

Key areas of focus for cleaning included the office spaces, storage areas for confiscated items, and the vicinity surrounding the IPD Ipoh buildings.

Such programs will be conducted regularly to instil and practice a culture of cleanliness in the residential and work areas of the IPD Ipoh community.

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