Visit Perak 2024 Logo Highlights the State’s Identity

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Kuala Lumpur: At first glance, the Perak Tourism Year 2024 (TMP2024) logo resembles a bird, but within its abstract illustration lie various elements reflecting the uniqueness of the state of Perak.

Nurmalis Musa, the Chief Executive Officer of Perak Tourism, explained that several graphic elements were incorporated to create its distinct image.

“The branding identity of the TMP2024 logo is based on two important elements: heritage and nature.

“These two elements are divided into five components: the Rumah Kutai, Istana Kenangan, Weaving Motif, Labu Sayong, and Eco-Tourism.

“Furthermore, colours also play a significant role in conveying the message. The use of colours such as pink, green, blue, orange, and purple carry specific meanings that influence the universe, lifestyle, culture, and heritage,” she said during the Pre-launching Ceremony of the Perak Tourism Year 2024 at NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, last Sunday.

Nurmalis clarified that the pink colour symbolizes love, affection, and acceptance. Green represents nature and lifestyle, while blue signifies the natural environment and creativity. Orange and brown are associated with heritage, and purple is used to represent Perak as a diverse state.

Apart from resembling a bird, the TMP2024 logo also incorporates the combination of the letters ‘VPY,’ representing ‘Visit Perak Year,’ serving as the fundamental element of the logo’s design.

“The bird’s form is illustrated as the hornbill (Royal Belum) or the heron (Pulau Bangau Teluk Intan). This illustration represents the ecotourism sector, a prominent tourism strength in the state of Perak.

“The weaving element is also integrated to showcase the heritage art of embroidery based on traditional Perak house walls.

“The traditional house roof element (Istana Kenangan) is depicted to form the logo, representing the common features of a traditional house roof,” she explained.

Nurmalis also touched upon the TMP2024 slogan, ‘Promising Perak,’ which conveys the idea of a place filled with potential, promising outcomes, and positive impacts, especially for tourists.

‘Promising Perak’ essentially suggests that the state of Perak is a destination with vast potential, offering extraordinary experiences that are hard to forget.

“We have also introduced ‘Kopita,’ a female Tapir, as the mascot of TMP2024. The term ‘Kopita’ signifies a pulled coffee,” she added.

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