Perak’s National Youth Day Carnival Is Not To Be Missed

by KT Leong

Perak’s National Youth Day (Hari Belia Negara, Negeri Perak) Carnival is underway at Kompleks Belia Dan Sukan Ipoh. This is a two day event that started today and will end on July 23, tomorrow. The event runs from 7 am to 7 pm for both days.

We previously focused Silver Hobbycon 2023 in regards to this carnival, but there are actually a lot more sights and activities to take in at the carnival.

On entering the venue, you’ll be greeted with foods and drinks on either side, with over 20 vendors selling everything from juices, coffee and pastries to snacks of all sorts.

Once you’ve perused the treats available, that’s when you’ll encounter the first treat, not for the belly, but for the eyes and the engines that gets the adrenaline flowing.

Knights MC Malaysia have lined up a display of Harley Davidsons and frankly, some really special and amazing bikes, including the Matchless G3/L, a motorcycle that was favoured by despatch riders during World War 2.

According to Cedric Chin of Knights MC Malaysia, the G3/L’s telescopic girder is an upgrade to the pre-war G3. This is an extremely rare and not to mention, cool motorcycle, but it’s not the only rarity you can see at the carnival.

Nor do Knights MC Malaysia hold the monopoly on classic bikes, as just on the opposite end to them, are another array of classic motorcycles of a different sort. Not to mention some cars for motorsport. If you’re a motor enthusiast, especially for bikes, you’ll want to visit the carnival for sure.

If you’re there to shop, there are plenty of options too. JCI Ipoh in partnership with Comma Oil, RT Petroleum Sdn Bhd, Carsifu Auto Service, PH Trading, Exnus Lube Services, YEG, Summer Bliss Studio and Jasticker and Art Holdings Sdn Bhd, have helped to bring in a wide variety of products for sale, from simple tchotchkes to motor oil to recycled goods. There’s a little bit for everyone.

And of course, there is Hobby Silvercon 2023 itself, which boasts around 60 vendors, selling toys new and old. From the newest McFarlane DC Multiverse to classics like Master of the Universe and MASK figures; and even Panda-Z gashapon.


In one corner, you have modern artists and cartoonists from Kaki Komik and others, providing caricature art, selling their comics and even having colouring for children. On the other corner, you have a huge diorama of remote controlled vehicles as well as the many dioramas and miniatures offered by vendors throughout Hobby Silvercon 2023.


Watch out for cosplayers too, such as those dressed as Tanjiro from Demon Slayer and the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan.

But everyone’s time is precious, and perhaps you don’t want to “waste” yours with sights and sounds to soothe your soul. Perhaps you prefer a practical reason for your patronage. Well, the carnival has you covered on that end too. Especially if you’re a jobseeker, as there are several booths set up to help you settle on the next phase of your career.

Not to mention exhibits for children’s education, the firefighters and military.

The Karnival Sambutan Hari Belia Negara, Negeri Perak, is definitely not an event to be missed. Hours will pass by, simply by visiting every booth and stall.

Parking is packed in front of the Kompleks Belia Dan Sukan Ipoh itself, so a tip we have is to simply park at the Stadium Perak right next to the complex, or even at the Rugby Stadium. There’s plenty of parking at those locations, despite their own activities, and it’s just an extra 2 to 5 minutes walk.

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