Losses due to fire in Perak amounting to RM144 million last year

By Zaki Salleh
Photo Bomba Perak

IPOH: A loss value of RM144 million was recorded throughout the past year due to fire cases, most of which involved tourism premises and factories.

For this year, which is up to June, the value of losses recorded as a result of  fire was as much as RM21.4 million

The director of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department in the state of Perak, Sayani Saidon, said the amount was the value of the direct loss of buildings and infrastructure.

However, according to her, the amount is higher if other costs are taken into account which are not physical losses.

“If indirect losses are calculated, the value is greater.

“Among the costs due to loss of jobs, loss of competitiveness, and loss of customers due to fire causes national economic losses because it affects the confidence of investors to invest.

“The main contributor to this loss figure is the fire involving factories and tourism premises that contribute to the state’s economy,” she said.

She said this to reporters at the Perak State Fire Safety Seminar 2023 at the Casuarina Hotel here.

This seminar aims to provide explanations and information related to amendments to acts and regulations related to fire safety.

This sharing session was to share input and give exposure to fire safety to avoid accidents.

Commenting further, Sayani said, commercial premises usually have a Fire Safety Team (PKK) which is staff with basic fire prevention training.

She said, the value of the loss of a business premises due to fire is also measured based on the area of ​​the incident.

“Fire losses involving workshops and factories do cause huge losses while residential fires often involve loss of life,” she said.

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