Teluk Batik campervan campsite promises fun for recreation

By Zaki Salleh
Gambar Fb MPM

LUMUT: Camping has become part of our community’s interest in leisure activities, whether in groups or with the family.

Whether in the waterfall area or by the beach, camping activities are favored because of the location’s environment that allows various activities to be carried out.

However different it may be abroad, the concept of camping using a vehicle or campervan is still new in our country.

One of the reasons is because there is no specific area for the activity.

Campervan style vacations are only just getting established but appear to be getting more popular among our community.

Campervan campsites are an example of promoting that style of leisure to the local community as well as foreign tourists.

This campervan camping site in Teluk Batik facing the beach makes the camping experience here very peaceful.

In fact, visitors are also more free when they are not tied to check-in and check-out times like if they book a hotel or resort

This campervan camping site in Teluk Batik is managed by the Manjung Municipal Council as one of the attractions for visitors to the area, especially for those who like leisure on the beach.

This area can accommodate 30 vehicles (campers) at one time in a spacious and comfortable area.

The fee charged is RM50 for one vehicle, tent site and electric charging point.

The area is very comfortable, even public toilet facilities are available 24 hours with charges during the day just like for other visitors.

In terms of security, this area is guarded by MPM enforcement.

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