Rotary Club Greentown’s Presidential Installation

~ A Blend of Commitment and Excellence ~

by Anne Das
Photos by – Ganetha Studios

In a mix of purpose and dedication, the Rotary Club of Greentown hosted a significant event that combined celebration with a strong commitment to community improvement. This gala marked the start of Nagarajan Thanneermalai’s term as the 30th President, along with his Board of Directors for 2023/2024.

A series of carefully planned performances and meaningful moments defined the formal program, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. The highlight of the evening was an insightful speech by the esteemed Guest of Honor, who also served as past District Governor. This speech echoed the Rotary Club’s core values of service and community involvement, highlighting the strength of collective efforts in creating meaningful change.

Rotary Club Greentown’s Departing Board of Directors.

As the night progressed, the event smoothly transitioned into an enjoyable dining experience, while guests were treated to captivating traditional performances. The event design provided moments for reflection, with a presentation showcasing the remarkable achievements of the Rotary Year 2022-2023. The outgoing President’s speech, along with recognition of the outgoing Board of Directors, emphasised unity and purpose.

The narrative of the night shifted as the incoming President was introduced, met with applause and admiration. The installation of the 30th President was a pivotal moment, marking the beginning of a year dedicated to empowerment, service, and transformative change. The President’s passionate speech set the tone for Rotary Year 2023-2024, encapsulating a commitment to excellence and sustained service. The introduction of the incoming Board of Directors echoed shared enthusiasm, signifying a pledge to elevate the club’s legacy.

The installation of the 30th President of Rotary Club of Greentown – Mr Nagarajan Thanneermalai with incoming BOD for 2023/24.

(L-R The Rotary Foundation Director – Aniljeet Singh, Membership Director – Past President Dato Dr Sushil Kumar Ratti, Service Projects Director – Past President Sathiyamoorthy Ramasamy, Honarary Secretary – Rotarian Sheela Yeoh, Sargeant At Arms – Past President Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal, President – Nagarajan Thaneermalai, Public Image Director – Rotarian Abirasshiny Pillai, Club Administration Director – Sangari Krishnan, Vice President – Dr Jananee Muniandy & Honorary Treasurer – Past Assistance Governor Francis Vijeyaselvan.

President Nagarajan, known for his dedication to community service, presented a vision that would guide his term. Three significant projects will take centre stage, each a commitment to creating positive change are :-

1)       Adoption of SMK Changkat Lada: A project aimed at providing essential support to underprivileged students at SMK Changkat Lada. This initiative not only ensures access to basic necessities but also aims to uplift the school’s infrastructure for a brighter educational experience.

2)       Identifying Dyslexia Project: Focused on early intervention, this project seeks to educate educators and parents about identifying signs of dyslexia in children. By raising awareness, it aims to equip the community with the tools to address this challenge effectively.

3)       Assisting Persatuan Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Buntong (PPDK): Collaborating with PPDK, an organisation dedicated to aiding individuals with disabilities, it is committed to enhancing equipment and facilities, ultimately improving the lives of those served by PPDK.

Dr. Esther Ebenezer’s contributions were honoured with the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship by the Rotary Club of Greentown.

( L-R : Past District Governor Dato Bindi Rajasegaran, Dr. Esther Ebenezer, Nagarajan Thaneermalai and District Governor of District 3300 – Teoh Kwan Swee)

Dr. Esther Ebenezer, a luminary in psychiatry and dementia care, was recognized for her exceptional contributions. A meaningful recognition ceremony, accompanied by the presentation of souvenirs from respected individuals, captured the event’s gratitude for impactful initiatives.

Through a tapestry of captivating performances, resonant speeches, and well-deserved acknowledgments, the Rotary Club’s gala emerged as a compelling testament to the transformative power of collective effort, community engagement, and a shared vision for an enlightened future. As attendees departed, they carried with them hope for the potential of dedicated individuals and organisations working together for a shared mission.

(L to R )Immediate Past President – Sangari Krishnan, District First Lady – Tan Ooi Kim, District Governor of District 3300 – Teoh Kwan Swee, President of the Rotary Club of Greentown – Nagarajan Thaneermalai and Assistant Governor – Rita Olikh

As the Rotary Club of Greentown enters a new phase under President Nagarajan leadership,  Ipoh Echo extends  a warm congratulations and heartfelt wishes for a term that embodies the Rotary International Theme for 2023/24 – “CREATE HOPE IN THE WORLD.”

Performances by Uma Barathanrityam Dance Academy
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