‘Sembang Santai’ with the Maritime Community

By: Zaki Salleh

Perak – The Perak State Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM) has initiated the “Sahabat Maritim 2023: ‘Sembang Santai’ with the Maritime Community” program, creating a platform for constructive exchanges.

The event took place at the Village Public Hall in Kampung Sungai Batu, Pantai Remis.


Captain Mohd Hambali Ya’akup, the Director of Maritime Affairs for Perak State, stated that this periodic program, running from July to December, has been strategically located around the waters of Perak.

The primary objectives of the program are twofold: firstly, to bridge the gap between the maritime community and the agency, fostering a positive relationship, and secondly, to highlight the functions and roles of Malaysia’s maritime sector.


“Attended by 40 fishermen, including owners of fibreglass boats and operators of recreational fishing vessels, the program commenced with a dialogue session addressing local concerns and grievances related to Malaysia’s maritime landscape,” Captain Mohd Hambali Ya’akup commented.

The event also featured a succinct briefing on sea safety awareness, accompanied by the distribution of emergency hotline stickers from APMM.


These stickers are intended to simplify communication with authorities in the event of maritime emergencies.

Acknowledged as the vigilant eyes and ears of APMM, the maritime community plays an essential role.

As such, Captain Mohd Hambali Ya’akup encouraged the continuous sharing of any information regarding potential violations within specific regions, thereby contributing to the enforcement of maritime laws.

This event underscores APMM’s proactive approach to enhancing maritime security while building enduring partnerships with the maritime community.

As the program unfolds across the state, it is anticipated to bolster the foundation of maritime safety and collaboration.

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