IPOH’S DINOSAUR PARK: Enhancing History Amidst Controversy

By Aida Aziz

In a bold move, Ipoh’s Mayor, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin, has reassured skeptics that the creation of a Dinosaur Park at the renowned Gunung Lang Recreation Park will not compromise the pristine Kinta Valley Geopark. The decision to set up this prehistoric attraction, nestled within the lush embrace of the existing recreation hub, is rooted in a broader vision that marries development with conservation.

Addressing concerns raised by environmentalists and NGOs, Mayor Baharin stressed that the chosen location is not a freshly carved plot, but rather a revitalization of an area previously home to a Petting Zoo. “We’ve cleared the slate by dismantling the Petting Zoo, and rather than letting it deteriorate, we’re crafting a Dinosaur Park in its place,” he shared during a press encounter.

Emphasizing the minimal impact on the natural ecosystem, Baharin highlighted the continued influx of visitors to Gunung Lang, reinforcing the notion that responsible development can coexist with Mother Nature. “The whispered apprehensions of an ecosystem disturbance are unsubstantiated,” he remarked, underscoring that a strategic approach to development can ensure the region’s biodiversity remains unharmed.

Environmentalists have been vocal about safeguarding the Kinta Valley Geopark’s intrinsic diversity. However, the Mayor’s assertion that the Dinosaur Park’s establishment is an exercise in enhancement rather than infringement has sparked interest. Baharin elucidated, “We’re not pioneering into uncharted territories; we’re invigorating what already exists, injecting novelty into a familiar space.”

The creation of the Dinosaur Park comes as the first of its kind in Perak, a region not new to preservation and growth, boasting a lineage of six other such parks nationwide. This Perak entrant will sprawl across six acres, embracing a history that predates our own civilization. This marriage of history and contemporary vision encapsulates a broader Malaysian commitment to education and entertainment.

As Ipoh readies to welcome a slice of prehistory within its natural embrace, the world watches, curious about how this fusion of heritage and evolution will unfold. The Mayor’s conviction remains steadfast: the past shall find its place amid the present, leaving the heart of the Kinta Valley Geopark pulsating with life and history for generations to come.

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