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Lat House Gallery: Dato’ Lat Touched by Multiracial Support

By: Rosli Mansor

“I am touched to see the support and enthusiasm of the public for Lat House Gallery. I hope that this gallery will continue to be visited,” expressed the Royal Artist, Dato’ Mohammad Nor Khalid, better known as Lat.

He further added that most visitors are intrigued by the iconic 5-roofed house, known as the ‘Rumah Limas Potongan Perak,’ built using traditional architectural techniques.

“The visitors who come here want to closely observe the ‘Kampung Boy’ house, which holds various implied meanings in its design, in addition to learning about the customs and culture of the Malay community since the 1970s.

“The heartfelt visits from people of various ethnicities truly move me. I admire and take pride in their spirit, which still appreciates the essence of my creations.

“I, myself, feel the excitement of the visitors to explore this Lat House Gallery, especially when I get to meet them and take photos together. I always welcome visitors to come here, meet me, and create memorable photos, although perhaps on specific days only.

“I will announce through my social media platform the suitable dates for my visit to Lat House Gallery to meet my fans,” he told Ipoh Echo during an interview at the ‘City Fun Ride’ event at Lat House Gallery, held here today.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Perak Tourism Association (PTA), Dato’ Odzman Abdul Kadir, stated that the Lat House Gallery is a new tourism product with the potential and the capacity to become a cherished local tourism icon.

“This gallery is the highlight of our state’s tourism sector. However, continuous promotion is crucial to ensure it doesn’t become just another white elephant project.

“I urge all agencies and NGOs to organize various activities in this gallery. Similarly, the Perak State Museum Board and Batu Gajah District Council should consistently carry out community activities to ensure a steady flow of visitors to the gallery.

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