Soroptimist Ipoh Presents ‘Walk with Me’ Fundraiser for EduHOPE

by Anne Das

Soroptimist International Ipoh (SI Ipoh), a dedicated organisation committed to aiding underprivileged women and children, is thrilled to announce a captivating event that brings together the magic of performance and the power of charity ~ “Walk with Me.”

This fundraising performance aims to support the EduHOPE Fund, an initiative that has been changing the lives of deserving students in our community by providing them with the means to pursue higher education.

Soroptimist International is a global organisation that focuses on empowering women and making a positive impact through various service projects. Since its establishment in 2009, Soroptimist International Ipoh has been making remarkable strides in assisting the underprivileged segments of society. With a series of successful programs benefiting women, children, and the public, the organisation has proved its unwavering commitment to improving lives.

One of their most significant initiatives is the EduHOPE Fund, which was initiated in 2018. This fund was created with the goal of supporting deserving students in our community to pursue their tertiary education. The EduHOPE Fund acts as a vital alternative financial resource for students awaiting approval for study loans. It not only provides financial assistance but also offers counselling, mentoring, and emotional support, ensuring that students receive the guidance they need on their educational journey. Through EduHOPE, numerous students have been able to obtain their degrees, leading to improved career prospects and a better quality of life.

In collaboration with the Sylvia Wong Academy, Soroptimist International Ipoh presents “Walk with Me,” a fundraising performance that seeks to further the cause of education and upliftment. The event promises to be an enchanting experience filled with artistry and compassion, bringing the community together for a meaningful purpose.

Event Details:
Date                : Saturday, 2nd September 2023
Matinee Show  : 2:00 pm
Gala Night      : 7:30 pm
Venue             : Auditorium PerakFM, Jalan Raja Musa Mahadi, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Ticket Prices:
Matinee Show (2:00 pm)        : RM30 (Free Seating)
Gala Show (7:30 pm)
Category 1                                  : RM80
Category 2                                  : RM50
Category 3                                  : RM30

Sponsorship tickets are also available.

For those interested in joining this heartwarming event and contributing to the noble cause of supporting education, tickets can be obtained by contacting the following individuals:

Ms Jean Chai                : 012-5882313
Ms Wong Siew Fong   : 012-306052

“Walk with Me” is not just a performance; it’s a step towards a brighter future for our community. Join hands with Soroptimist International Ipoh and the EduHOPE Fund to make education accessible to all, empowering our youth to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Let’s walk together towards a better tomorrow!

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