SMK Tarcisian Convent Ipoh Emerges as Jerayawara Champion

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

IPOH – SMK Tarcisian Convent Ipoh has successfully defeated 49 other schools and emerged as the champion of the Best Jerayawara (roadshow) in the North Kinta District Secondary Schools.

This programme, which gathered a total of 50 secondary schools from the entire North Kinta District, witnessed various creative presentations that integrated three subjects in the field of Social Sciences: History, Visual Arts Education, and Moral Education.

Nurun Naeemah Mohamed Husai, 15, one of the four representatives from SMK Tarcisian Convent, said that this Jerayawara programme introduced a thematic learning approach that allowed students to explore a particular topic to produce a product by combining three subjects at the end of the learning process.

“This Project-Based Learning (PBL) activity benefits all students by providing them with a new experience, focusing more on visually appealing learning.

“What’s even more interesting is that this learning encompasses three subjects, opening up opportunities for students to create a product with captivating artistic creativity.

“We took a week to complete this project, showcasing traditional Iban community clothing fashion. More than 90% of our materials were recycled,” she told Ipoh Echo after the conclusion of the Programme of Jerayawara Third Strategy Project-Based Learning (PBL) Thematic Learning in the field of Social Sciences (History, Visual Arts Education, and Moral Education) for Secondary Schools in the North Kinta District at AEON Big, Falim, yesterday.

The first runner-up was SMK Tambun, followed by SMK St. Michael in third place, SABK Maahad Al-Ummah in fourth place, and SMK Sri Puteri in fifth place. All winners received plaques and certificates of appreciation.

The event was inaugurated by the Deputy Director of the Social Sciences Learning Sector, Perak State Education Department (JPN Perak), Mohammad Azhar Radizuan, who represented the Director of Education for the State of Perak, Mohd Fauzi Mahsom.

In his speech, Mohammad Azhar Radizuan said that the implementation of PBL is a cross-curricular learning approach that integrates real-world issues and practices, allowing students to explore based on available resources.

“Understanding through Design (KMR) is one of the thematic cross-subject learning methods that focuses on strengthening meaningful learning and Classroom Assessment (PBD) implementation.

“The implementation of this programme allows students to apply what they have learned to produce a useful product.

“This programme is designed to create a positive perception among students, and consequently, the achievement of students in all three subjects can be improved,” he said.

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