Road Resurfacing and Upgrade Works Carried Out in DUN Teja

By Aida Aziz
Photo by Sandrea Ng on Facebook

GOPENG: Upgrading and road resurfacing works have recently been carried out around the State Legislative Assembly (Dewan Undangan Negeri or DUN) Teja area.

According to Teja State Assembly Member (ADUN), Sandrea Ng Shy Ching, this time the resurfacing work covers the main road in Taman Kinta all the way to Desa Lawan Kuda.

She further mentioned that this project aligns with the mission to provide safe and high-quality road facilities for the people.

“Another infrastructure upgrade project in DUN Teja has begun.

“This time, it involves resurfacing work along the main road from Taman Kinta to the commercial area of Desa Lawan Kuda.

“It is hoped that this effort will provide a safer and conducive basic infrastructure for the residents and businesses in that area.

“This includes nearby communities such as Taman Desa Cahaya and Lawan Kuda Baru,” she said.

She also expressed her appreciation to those involved, such as the Kampar District Council, for planning and approving the upgrade works.

“Special appreciation also goes to the Council Member for that zone, Kelly Chin, the Head of Kampung Baru in Desa Lawan Kuda, Lee Wai Foong, and the entire DUN Teja service team, who always work closely together to enhance facilities in DUN Teja,” she said.

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