Safety Concern: Uncovered Lamp Posts Near School Raise Alarm

By: ZakiSalleh

IPOH – While we expressed gratitude yesterday for the authorities’ quick action in installing wire covers on the traffic signal posts along Jalan Pengkalan Barat 18, a new concern has arisen.

This time, the location is more worrisome, as it is situated right in front of the Kampong Pasir Puteh National Secondary School (SMK), approximately 200 meters from the previous site.

These lamp posts are positioned directly in front of the school, serving as the crossing point for students when they arrive and leave school.

What’s more concerning is that not one but two lamp posts here lack wire covers, exposing dangling wires.

This situation may be a result of vandalism, where irresponsible individuals may have taken the metal covers.

Whatever the cause may be, these lamp posts cannot be left uncovered and exposed.

Swift action is necessary.

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