Wakunime®: Ipoh Mega Collector Havoc 2023

By KT Leong

In what is shaping up to be the biggest hobby event of the year in Perak, Wakunime®: Ipoh Mega Collector Havoc 2023 is coming to AEON BIG Falim, Ipoh from December 8 to 10.

The Wakunime series of events have been organised by Toyeban on a near monthly basis for the past year. With most of the events held in various locations in Ipoh, such as AEON Kinta City or AEON Station 18, but also occasionally venturing out to other parts of Perak, such as Seri Manjung.

“We want to prove that Perak, especially Ipoh, can be a happening place for the young people. So that there would be no need for hobbyists to travel all the way to Kuala Lumpur for events and incur expenses”, the organisers have said.

Wakunime®: Ipoh Mega Collector Havoc 2023 is easily the most ambitious Wakunime event so far, and a great way to close off the year.

They have already fully booked themselves with 200 vendors, and are officially bringing in 1000 certificates, 1000 prizes and 2000 gifts to be given out over 30 activities and competitions, with a prize pool of RM20,000.00 and over 100 showcases. On top of that, there will be lucky draws worth a total of RM8,000.00 to be won.

And speaking of lucky draws, don’t miss out on 3000 lucky draw coupons to be distributed this week. A big chunk of these will be distributed at Hot Spots tomorrow (Sunday, December 3).

Go to the following locations at the following times, to collect your lucky draw coupons. Only 200 coupons per location.

Memory Lane Lokkin Ipoh from 9 am to 10 am
Hollywood / Vegas Ipoh Garden from 10 am to 11 am
Concubine Lane from 11 am to 12 pm
Ipoh Night Market from 9 pm to 10 pm
Pelita Nasi Kandar from 11 pm to 12 pm
Gerbang Malam / Taman Kanak Kanak from 8pm to 9pm


This time it will have attractions for many categories of people, and not just those who are into the Anime, Cosplay & Games (ACG) scene.

For instance, there will be a colouring contest. Registration is free, with 200 gifts and prizes to be won.

For further inquiries or registration, contact the following:


Your kids don’t want to participate in a contest and just want to chill? Then chill with some cuddly cuties, with a petting zoo. But if they want to compete in something more exciting, there will be Hot Wheels and Beyblade competitions as well.

In addition, there will be educational showcases as well.



Last May, at AEON Station 18, Wakunime attracted almost 15,000 visitors when they brought in an Initial D and Autoshow component to their event. Read about that here.

This time, they’re not only bringing the Autoshow (for cars) back, but also bringing in a Motorshow (for motorbikes) as well.

Although those who prefer to go green can simply participate in the BMX Custom Competition instead.


But the bread and butter of Wakunime are its hobbyists. Including the various vendors who will sell loads of treasures to collectors of vintage items, vinyl, coins, toys and more. There will be gaming, from tabletop to digital types.

And of course, there will be cosplay. Perak, and Ipoh in particular, has proven to be very hot in the cosplay department, thanks in no small part to organisers like Toyeban and the folks at Ipoh Parade. Alongside casual cosplayers, there are some very high level cosplays that regularly visit these events.

This time, there will be a prize pool of RM3,000.00 to be won by the cosplayers, not just for their Runway presentations, but for their Skit performances.

And don’t miss out on meeting guest cosplayers like Angel, Elyana Sparks, Naphothy, Yumeko, Natalie, Hino, Afiq Ace, Ariki Rin, Qaisara and Qaiser.

Perak, and in particular Ipoh’s ACG scene is going to close out 2023 with a massive bang!

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