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The Oscar Comes Home

A Joyous YCLO Family Reunion in Ipoh

by Anne Das ( photos courtesy of Ignatius Chew)

In a weekend filled with joy and laughter, the YCLO family, representing the Yeoh, Chew, Lim, and Oh clans, gathered for an exclusive celebration in Ipoh. Descendants from around the world, including Canada, the UK, the US, and Singapore, converged at the iconic No 1 Jalan Lasam. The event, held at Ipoh’s green haven also featured the YCLO Museum on its 4th floor.

Ignatius Chew and his wife Pauline beaming with pride as they hold Michelle Yeoh’s winning Oscar, a symbol of familial triumph.

The YCLO Museum, initiated by Ignatius Chew Eng Lin, has evolved into a repository of family history and a testament to the collective achievements of the Yeoh, Chew, Lim, and Oh families. From the rich legacy of Chew Boon Juan, the tin mining magnate of the early 1900s, to the contemporary successes of Michelle Yeoh, the YCLO museum paints a vivid picture of the family’s journey over the last century.

Michelle Yeoh shares a moment flanked by her mother, Datin Janet Yeoh, husband and family against the vibrant backdrop of the YCLO neon characters at 1 Lasam.

The weekend marked a special homecoming for Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, an Oscar award winner, and her husband Datuk Seri Jean Todt. The couple, who got hitched in Geneva, Switzerland, on July 27 after an incredible 19-year love journey together, returned to Ipoh for Michelle to spend precious moments with her family and friends.

This trip was special for Michelle, to warmly introduce Jean Todt to her hometown crew—family and friends alike, sharing stories and laughter in the place where her roots run deep.

One for the Museum ~ YCLO December 2023 
(Challenge: Find our Oscar Winner)

The event played host to a global reunion, drawing in around 180 family members from various corners of the world, all proudly representing the Yeoh, Chew, Lim, and Oh clans;  an impressive testament to the YCLO family’s widespread connections, the gathering was a celebration of shared heritage and joy in Ipoh.

As a fun fact, the YCLO family has left an indelible mark on the Malaysian landscape with around 15 road names scattered across Ipoh, Taiping, and Penang. Each road proudly bears the names of esteemed family members, a unique and enduring tribute to their shared heritage.

At the core of this gathering was a tribute to Dato Yeoh Kian Teik, the patriarch who kindled the celebratory tradition. Even after his passing in 2014, the tradition has endured, emphasising the family’s commitment to closeness, shared experiences, and unity.

The Yeohs –  Vicki, Michelle, Megan proudly clutching the Oscar, alongside Bobby and Kelvin, create a symphony of family pride.

The vibrant event unfolded against the backdrop of live music, creating a lively atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of the occasion. As family members mingled, shared stories and embraced, the event became a living tapestry of connections, past, and present.

Mrs. Universe 2013, Carol Lee (left) joins the celebration as her daughter, Klarissa Lee (right), a talented artist, presents Michelle Yeoh with a captivating portrait holding her cherished Oscar award.

The star of the gathering, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, graced the event with her Oscar in hand, generously allowing family members to share in her triumph. As the first Asian to receive this prestigious accolade, Michelle’s success reverberated through the generations, inspiring and uniting the YCLO family in a shared sense of pride.

The weekend became not only a celebration of Michelle Yeoh’s cinematic achievements but also a testament to the enduring strength of family ties. With the YCLO Museum standing as a witness to the family’s rich history, the YCLO family gathering in Ipoh became a chapter etched in the history of their shared legacy.

The museum proudly showcases a larger-than-life portrait of Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh cradling her coveted award, with a star of fame below—a visual ode to her illustrious journey.


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