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Michelle Yeoh And Jean Todt’s ‘Special Kind of Marriage’

By James Gough

Oscar award winner Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh and Datuk Seri Jean Todt were in Ipoh over the weekend of 17 December 2023 where they had a ‘special kind of marriage’ reception.

The couple were dressed casually for the event. Michelle wore a lime green top over an apple green trouser and platform sneakers while Jean had on a dark collarless t-shirt and slacks.

As the couple addressed the crowd, consisting of mainly family members and a small group of close friends, clapped and hummed the wedding march while others threw flowers of confetti.

Michelle Yeoh married Jean Todt earlier this year at Geneva,  Switzerland. Jean had first proposed to Michelle in 26 July 2004. Although she had said yes on that same day she married him exactly 19 years or 6992 days later on 27th July 2023.

Jean addressed the crowd saying that ‘today after 7135 days we are in Ipoh. We have known each other for many years but now we are happy to announce our marriage officially with all of you here today’.

..they made the announcement ..
..shared her trophy with the audience …

Michelle added that her family and cousins some of whom had come from far and near such as Canada, UK, US and Singapore were present this weekend.

“Today is very special. I wish my dad was here. It was something he always wanted. Everyone here today are witnesses that Jean and I actually married after nineteen years”. She later displayed her Oscar Award.

..that KISS moment when Jean kissed her cheek …

The audience repeatedly requested that Michelle and Jean kiss. Michelle was reluctant but Jean decided to make the first move to kiss Michelle on the cheek to applause from the family members. Michelle appears stunned to which Jean proceeds to kiss her on the lips. More applause. While Michelle appears surprised Jean nonchalantly has a smirk of accomplishment.

..then the lips … no you shouldn’t have done that!!!
the audience is satisfied ..Jean smirks

The lunch reception was held at Little Katong. Chef David Tan is a childhood friend of Michelle and they grew up together.

It was a truly family gathering where all in the family came together for the weekend just to greet Michelle and Jean. For many it was a most enjoyable and happy day to see their Michelle married.

there was joy all around …
…for the entire family ….
..relatives from overseas …
…more from overseas ….
…then from home ….
Datin Janet and her family

At the official table His Excellency Axel Cruau, Ambassador of France (extreme left) joined Datin Janet, Michelle and Jean Todt.

The group photo of the event

For some of them this was the marriage of the year where the Mrs Michelle Yeoh-Todt got married.

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