What happened? The parking lot has become a garbage dump

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH : Is it a parking place or a rubbish dump?

The question plays in the mind of anyone who sees it, especially located in the bustling Taman SPPK morning market area.

Formerly, it was an open land area where local residents would dispose of trash due to the presence of a large garbage bin there.

However, due to the issue of site cleanliness, this dump site was upgraded when it was paved and completed two years ago.

What raises questions is that afterward, the parking lot was not open to the public as its gate remained closed consistently.

In contrast, for the past month, it has become a dumping ground, including bulk trash, and it is unclear whether this is due to irresponsible actions or otherwise.

This is because the large trash bins at the public market are cleaned every day by the officers of the Ipoh City Council (MBI), raising the question of why the trash in the parking lot is not being cleaned as well.

This situation worsens the view in the neighborhood, as the pile of garbage becomes an unpleasant sight every day.

A market customer, known as Ah Peng, expressed confusion as to why the parking lot is still not open to the public, leading to it becoming a dumping ground for trash.

“Look at the situation. I don’t know who is dumping garbage here, making this area dirty,” he said.

A resident of the SPPK housing estate, Abdul Kudus Rafi, wants the image of the parking lot to be restored to its original function.

He mentioned that the lack of parking spaces causes market customers to park their cars in various places.

“This location also serves as the night market every Thursday. There are many customers, but because this parking lot is closed, they cannot park their cars.

“I also hope that the MBI Council Members in this area actively address this issue as they are appointed to provide services,” he said.

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