UPDATE: Mother and Son Living Amidst Garbage: JKM provides aid, NGOs seek a new rental house

By Aida Aziz

IPOH:The suffering of a mother and son reported to be living among piles of garbage and sewage in a flat near Flat Taman Silibin here has gained attention from various parties, including the Perak Department of Social Welfare (JKM).

Additionally, a non-governmental organization (NGO) representative has also initiated early efforts by searching for a new rental home for the mother and son.

According to the Chairman of Pertubuhan Puteri Kebajikan Negeri Perak, Wan Noorashikin Noran, they received a call from the Social Welfare Department (JKM) expressing a desire to visit the home of the mother and son today.

Wan Noorashikin mentioned that JKM representatives also provided a cash donation of RM300 along with necessities such as disposable diapers, mattresses, cloth, and blankets.

“I received a call from JKM wanting to assess the situation of the mother and son.

“JKM also requested my assistance in filling out forms related to aid for the elderly, specifically the grandmother.

“We are currently searching for a new rental home in the Ipoh area, and for monthly payments, I will submit a request for assistance to Baitulmal; they can help.

“When we move them to the new house, we will monitor everything necessary to ensure their cleanliness and conditions don’t repeat the current situation.

“JKM has informed that the son of the elderly residents is indeed experiencing depression and health issues; we need to refer to a specialist,” she said when contacted here today.

She is the person who raised the issue of the mother and son after receiving complaints from neighbors in that flat.

Furthermore, until now, she has received calls from several individuals who are aware of the matter on social media

“There are netizens on Facebook asking how they can help the mother and son and what kind of assistance is needed,” she said.

Ipoh Echo has already brought this issue to the attention of the Chairman of Women, Family, Community Welfare, Entrepreneur Development, and Cooperative Development, Datuk Salbiah Mohamed, for further action.

Her representative informed that the matter has been extended to the Exco, and any feedback will be provided shortly.

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