Mother and Son Living in Filth: Mother Rescued but Fate of Son Remains Uncertain

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The harrowing story of a mother and son living in filth and squalor has been resolved, with the 77-year-old Miram Kadir being taken in and cared for by one of her daughters in Ipoh. Additionally, Miram’s residence in Flat Taman Silibin has been cleaned up by the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

However, the fate of Miram’s son, Erwan Dahari, 46, remains uncertain, according to Wan Noorashikin Noran, the Chairperson of the Perak State Women’s Welfare Organization.

She stated that Erwan, who is mentally unwell and often experiences emotional stress, needs to be placed in a suitable facility with proper supervision.

Wan Noorashikin mentioned that Erwan’s current living situation, alone with his cats, is no longer suitable, and there are concerns about a recurrence of the same situation. She urged relevant authorities to find alternatives and provide Erwan with proper care and treatment for the diseases he was dealing with.

She and representatives of the organization have been searching for a new rental home for Erwan. However, financial constraints pose a challenge, and many landlords are reluctant to rent to him due to the widely known conditions of his previous residence.

“There are many constraints, one of which is that many are reluctant to rent a house knowing Erwan’s situation because it has become viral.

“Besides, we can only help find a house or a room for rent, but no one is coming forward to assist with monthly payments,” she explained.

Wan Noorashikin expressed hope that relevant authorities or the state government could assist in covering Erwan’s rent if a suitable place is found.

Considering Erwan’s strong attachment to his cats, she mentioned that placing him in a different home would be challenging, as he cannot bring his beloved companions.

Despite Erwan’s reluctance to move, Wan Noorashikin has tried to persuade him by suggesting that he visit and feed his cats at the new location.

Meanwhile, despite the removal of household waste, Erwan’s residence still faces challenges such as clogged drains and accumulated waste in the bathroom, making it unsuitable for habitation.

Throughout her welfare work, Wan Noorashikin stressed that Erwan’s case is one of the worst she has encountered. Despite the removal of garbage, the smell remains unbearable, with visible signs of waste in the bathroom and a lack of water supply.

She expressed her hope for Erwan to have a better life but acknowledged the need for assistance from individuals with the authority to make decisions.

Wan Noorashikin emphasized her lack of power to place him in the best possible facility for mental health treatment, highlighting the importance of intervention from authorities with decision-making capabilities.

In a separate development, Wan Noorashikin mentioned that she was contacted by the Chin Seng Kok Charity Association from Cameron Highlands on Friday.

While they were shocked by the conditions despite the cleaning, they provided a deposit to help find Erwan a rental home. However, the monthly financial aspect remains uncertain.

For further information about the fate of the mother and son, interested parties can contact Wan Noorashikin at 012-509 2557.

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