150,000 illuminated flower buds adorn the Flora Light Festival at Silverlakes Village Outlet

By: Aida Aziz

Batu Gajah: More than 150,000 illuminated flowers will decorate the lakeside of Silverlakes Outlet Village for 30 days starting this Saturday until March 10.

What’s more interesting is that the Flora Light Festival, themed around tulips, roses, and rice, also features the largest floating duck in Malaysia.

According to the Flora Light Festival Manager, Nur Muhammad Muhamad Zanini, 31, they are targeting approximately 100,000 visitors from all over Malaysia to come and experience the unique sparkling lights, especially during the school holiday season.

He added that the main reason Batu Gajah was chosen as the location for the festival is due to the spaciousness of the area and the scenic lake view, which aligns perfectly with this year’s theme.

“The site here covers 12 acres, and this time we’ve made updates with the giant duck in the middle of the lake and a ‘screaming fountain’ where people can scream into the provided cones and water from the lake will spout according to the strength of their voices.

“There’s also a firefly garden that can move and rotate, most notably the 30-foot tall and 30-foot wide giant duck, the largest in Malaysia.

“Ten workers are required to prepare the installation of illuminated flowers, rice plants, and various decorations here since January 27,” he said when met here last night.

“Although we’ve previously highlighted flower themes at festivals across Malaysia, it can be said that this time, the most showcased are flowers.

“If previously we’ve had over 70,000 visitors at other locations, but during this school holiday, perhaps more people will come and capture memories here.

“Not only is there a light festival, but also around 20 food and beverage stalls for people to eat and drink here,” he said.

Among the other attractions here are Soopa Doopa and LED children’s cars.

Entrance tickets are priced at RM10 for adults, and RM8 for children, while persons with disabilities (OKU) and children under 2 years old enter for free.

The festival starts at 6:00 PM until midnight.

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