PCSH Celebrates Patients’ ‘Reunion Dinner’ for Chinese New Year

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

IPOH – The tradition of having a family reunion dinner every year leading up to the Chinese New Year celebration is eagerly awaited, especially by the Chinese community.

Amidst the festivity of Chinese New Year, this spirit remains alive among patients undergoing treatment at the Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH).

PCSH Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Chan, stated that just like in previous years, patients were celebrated with a special ‘Reunion Dinner’.

“To brighten up the spirits of our diverse patients at PCSH, the management has arranged a ‘Reunion Dinner’ as an annual custom.

“This initiative aims to ensure that the joy of the festive season is felt among the patients even during treatment and being away from their families.

“We also want them to feel valued with love and to foster unity wherever they are,” he said in a statement to Ipoh Echo.

Among the dishes served were lotus soup, chicken, fish, and a variety of vegetables in various flavorful menus.

Additionally, each patient received a greeting card from the management and hospital staff.

One patient, Mr. Seow Yan Chuan, 61, expressed his excitement at being able to celebrate the Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with patients of various ethnicities.

“The wise action of PCSH in organizing this Reunion Dinner is extraordinary for me, who is undergoing treatment. It brings me great joy and gratitude,” he said.

Another patient, Amiruddin Suhaimi, 22, from Kampar, was touched by PCSH’s proactive approach in ensuring all patients experience the excitement of Chinese New Year, even while in the ward.

“PCSH not only provides medical services but also successfully instills feelings of love and unity among patients regardless of ethnicity. This is the uniqueness of PCSH, and congratulations to all the staff who are friendly and maintain professionalism while carrying out their duties,” he said.

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