Safety Of Visitors Monitored During Low Tide Sea Phenomenon

By: Zaki Saleh
Photo: Pangkor Landscape Unit

PANGKOR – The low tide sea phenomenon on Pangkor Island has become one of the attractions for tourists to visit this holiday destination every year.

During this phenomenon, the sea appears to split in two, allowing the public to cross from Teluk Nipah Beach to Giam Island.

Crossing the sea over a distance of about 400 meters on foot provides a unique experience.

This year, the scheduled low tide sea phenomenon occurred from February 11th to 12th.

At the same time, safety is always a top priority for the authorities to ensure the well-being of visitors and to prevent any untoward incidents.

Therefore, visitors who wish to cross the sea will be monitored by members of the Pangkor Island Fire and Rescue Station, the Civil Defence Force (APM), and the police.

In addition, volunteers consisting of beach recreation officers, also known as ‘beach boys’, will assist the authorities.

This low tide sea phenomenon has become a draw for visitors to Pangkor during this Visit Perak Year.

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