Everybody’s Birthday Lights Up Ipoh’s Old Town

by Anne Das

Yesterday, Ipoh witnessed a fantastic showcase of community spirit and cultural diversity at the Everybody’s Birthday celebration. Attendees were left in awe as the historic streets of Jalan Bijih Timah & Lorong Bijih Timah burst into life with vibrant festivities & decorations. Transformed into an outdoor event & dining space, this historic area of old town provided the perfect backdrop for a joyous occasion, adding magic to the evening.

Over 1200 attendees eagerly await the start of their feast, uniting in the joy of shared celebration

From the very young to seniors, and residents to tourists, over 1200 people came together to celebrate this event. Families, friends, and strangers gathered along the long communal tables, sharing in a sumptuous feast, it was truly one big “Ipoh” happy family. While enjoying dish after dish of their meal, attendees were treated to a feast for the senses as traditional Chinese Opera music filled the air, creating such a nostalgic atmosphere which blended beautifully with the spirit of celebration.

Distinguished Chinese opera singers grace the stage with a rare live performance, evoking nostalgia and transporting us to bygone eras.

Amidst the vibrant festivities of Everybody’s Birthday celebration, one performance stood out as a unique fusion of cultures. The Dragon dance, accompanied by the Indian Peacock Dancers, captivated the audience with its mesmerising display. This symbolic fusion of unity and harmony between different cultural traditions, ushered in prosperous energies for the year 2024.

Enthralled by the rhythmic beats of Indian drums, groups of people rise from their seats to dance with infectious energy and joy

After the Indian Peacock Dancers finished their performance, they joined the crowd, and soon, everyone was dancing to the lively beats of the Indian drums blaring from the speakers. The energy was infectious, and people couldn’t resist joining in the spontaneous street dance. It was a fun and joyous moment that brought everyone together in celebration.

VIPs, organisers, and representatives from participating organisations join together to toss the Giant Yee Sang, ushering in prosperity and good fortune for 2024

The traditional Giant Yee Sang Toss continued the evening’s festivities with guests, including VIPs, joyfully participating in this symbolic act by tossing their Yee Sang platters to prosperity and abundance.

The Graceful Chinese Umbrella Dancers
The energetic Indian Peacock Dancers
Captivating the crowd with a timeless classic, a Malay singer delivers a melodious rendition of ‘Kau Ilhamku’ by Man Bai. Everyone joins in, singing along to the chorus, reminiscing the 90s.

As the evening unfolded, attendees were treated to a diverse lineup of performances, ranging from traditional live acts to modern dance. Musicians and singers from various cultural backgrounds also took to the stage, filling the air with popular melodies of yesteryears.

View from the stage
View from across the stage
An explosion of colours fills the night sky as fireworks illuminate the atmosphere, marking the grand finale of a spectacular celebration

The event culminated in a breathtaking display of fireworks that illuminated the night sky above Tin Alley, filling everyone with the abundant energies of the Dragon for 2024. Kai Lek Tan, the lead organiser, expressed his gratitude and emphasised the importance of celebrating not only the Chinese New Year but also to embody the spirit of “Muhibbah”; bringing people together in friendship, camaraderie, tolerance, and understanding.

Kai Lek Tan explains Everybody’s Birthday celebration to curious German tourists, sharing the cultural richness of Ipoh’s festive tradition.

Events like this play a significant role in promoting tourism and putting Ipoh on the world map. By showcasing our vibrant community spirit and rich cultural diversity, we attract visitors from near and far, offering them a unique and unforgettable experience in our city,” Kai Lek Tan, owner of Tin Alley, expressed. “It’s an honour to share the beauty and warmth of Ipoh with the world, and we look forward to welcoming more visitors to our vibrant community for Visit Perak 2024,” he added during a quick chat with Ipoh Echo yesterday.

Behind the scenes champions: The dedicated organising and volunteer team responsible for bringing this amazing event to life
Schoolmates reunite in festive style, celebrating friendship and cherished memories together

Beyond the entertainment and festivities, Everybody’s Birthday celebration was proof of Ipoh’s strong sense of community and spirit of inclusivity. Team Tin Alley’s dedication truly shone through, ensuring an unforgettable evening for all! Here’s to many more celebrations to come!

Old friends, new friends, and a tapestry of cultures unite in this joyful, multiracial gathering. Doreen Kam  & Kimberly Tan capture the spirit of shared enjoyment and camaraderie.
Volunteers and philanthropists come together with open hearts to celebrate Everybody’s Birthday, spreading joy and kindness throughout the community
The SYL team comes together in celebration, showing their support for the event and to enjoy the food.
Four vibrant tourists from France and Italy, adding an international flair to the event with their presence and smiles
A matriarch and her family strike a pose with the God of Prosperity, capturing a cherished moment with the most sought-after figure at the event.
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