Viral video: JPJ pulls out motorcycle key as motorcyclist tries to turn back, against traffic flow

By Aida Aziz
Photo Social media screenshot

IPOH: Enforcement action by the Perak Road Transport Department (JPJ) of pulling out the keys of two motorcyclists at the Teluk Intan traffic light intersection, as they attempted to turn back and escape from roadblock restrictions (SJR) has caused comment with netizens.

Like the viral video on social media, Head of JPJ Enforcement Division in Perak, Mir Khairol Hafizal Mir Idris said that the action was necessary to ensure the safety of other road users.

“The viral video shows a JPJ Perak enforcement officer pulling out a motorcycle key at a traffic light, aiming to stop a motorcycle attempting to go against traffic and escape SJR.

“During the operation, a few motorcyclists tried to turn back against the flow, posing a danger to other road users. As a result, several enforcement officers were assigned to stop motorcycles attempting to turn back,” he said when contacted last night.

The video has received various reactions from netizens, with many questioning whether it falls within the standard operating procedures (SOP) of the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

He said that, at that time, the motorcyclist in question was traveling from Changkat Jong to Bidor.

“After inspection, the individual was found to possess a valid driving license and a motorcycle vehicle license.

“JPJ officers issued a warning and advice to avoid repeating the offense, emphasizing that fleeing from JPJ SJR can pose a risk of accidents.

“Not only does it endanger one’s own life, but it also poses a risk to other road users and law enforcement personnel,” he added.

It is said that the inspection during SJR is to detect committed offenses and issue summonses.

Additionally, it is mentioned that it does not refer to criminal cases, and there is no need to escape from SJR unless involved in a criminal case.

Meanwhile, Mir Khairol mentioned that the Motorcycle Special Ops in conjunction with the Chinese New Year was carried out on February 21 at the traffic light junction in Teluk Intan.

He added that during the operation, the Perak Road Transport Department (JPJ) also seized 58 vehicles and issued 383 summon notices.

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