Pakistani Watermelon Sorbet: A Phenomenal Thirst Quencher during Iftar

BY: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: Among the unique offerings at the Ramadan bazaars in Ipoh, one that stands out and garners attention this time is the Pakistani Watermelon Sorbet.

This beverage was introduced by the founder of Dinosaurs Sandwich, Syed Aminuddin, who has long served this sorbet in Pakistan.

The drink is said to be incredibly refreshing, combining the sweetness of Malaysian watermelon with rose syrup imported from Pakistan.

Since its introduction at recent Ramadan bazaars, the Pakistani Watermelon Sorbet has gained popularity due to its unique taste.

Customers praise its sweet and fresh flavour, making it a favourite among locals in Ipoh.

The beverage incorporates various cooling ingredients such as watermelon, basil seeds, grape juice, dates, lychee, and rose petals. This combination makes it exceptionally unique for breaking fast and sets it apart from other beverages.

According to the founder of Dinosaurs Sandwich, Syed Aminuddin, he personally developed and tested the drink recipe using ingredients sourced from Pakistan.

He mentioned that the rose syrup used in this beverage is imported from Pakistan, utilizing 100 per cent authentic rose syrup. This sets it apart from other drinks available in Ipoh and is a first-time experience for buyers.

The Pakistani Watermelon Sorbet is sold at RM7 per packet at four bazaars around Ipoh. Visitors to the Ramadan bazaars can find this beverage at Bulatan Aman Jaya, Taman Temara, Station 18, and Desa Aman.

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