MySave Food prevents food waste at Ramadan bazaars

By Zaki Salleh
Photo MBI

IPOH: A total of 208.10 kilograms (kg) of unsold food and another 322 kg of beverages have been successfully collected from two Ramadan bazaar locations in this city.

MySave Food initiative by the Ipoh City Council (MBI) aims to prevent food wastage.

The unsold food from bazaar vendors will be collected by volunteers and then distributed to those in need.

Before being sent, inspections are conducted to ensure that the food is in good and safe condition for consumption, it is weighed, and then delivered to the targeted groups.

MBI stated that, at present, two of the Ramadan bazaar locations involved are Perak Stadium and Taman Cempaka.

Two other locations will also participate starting next week, Taman Perpaduan and Taman Silibin.

“This program involves a total of 71 volunteers from Gema Malaysia, UniKL RCMP students, Quest University, and the public.

“Throughout the week-long program, a total of 144 individuals from residents of Taman Cempaka, Flat Sri Kepayang, hostel students, homeless individuals, and the public have benefited,” the statement said.

In addition, the Perak State Youth and Sports Department will also conduct the same program at the Perak Stadium Bazaar in collaboration with the Malaysian Youth Volunteers.

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