Gratifying Iftar Experience Awaits at Warung Theater by Nifayyi

By Zaki Salleh

IPOH: Breaking fast together with family members, friends and colleagues has now become a necessity, at least occasionally during Ramadan.

Besides fulfilling the fasting obligation, breaking fast together also strengthens relationships.

In addition to buying food at the bazaar, Ramadan buffet packages offered at various hotels and restaurants are also an option for breaking fast.

However, behind the price factor, the aspect that is always emphasized is whether the dishes served are delicious or not, or that it is truly worth it.

If that’s the consideration, Warung Theater by Nifayyi located at No.60, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, Ipoh, is definitely a good choice.

This is because the restaurant’s name Nifayyi needs no introduction as it is widely known as one of the top food cafes by Ipohites.

Nifayyi’s Customer Experience Manager, Nur Azren Zakiah Mat Jusoh, said that more than 50 dishes, including various main courses, are served buffet-style with a theme of “Nostalgia Balik Kampung” (Nostalgia Return to the Village).

She mentioned that almost all of these foods are regular menu items served at the café on ordinary days, including Western dishes.

“Among the popular menu items here are marinated roasted goat, nasi beriani, goat curry, beef rendang, and honey chicken.

“We also offer some dishes commonly served at another Nifayyi café on Jalan Kamaruddin Isa (Fair Park), such as Nifayyi grilled chicken.

“Alhamdulillah, every day we receive many customers in addition to group reservations, including from specific organizations.

“That’s why we encourage customers to make reservations in advance to facilitate table preparation,” she said to Ipoh Echo / Peraktastic.

Warung Theater by Nifayyi, located strategically in the heart of Ipoh city, is easily accessible and offers convenient parking facilities.

Just opened six months ago, Warung Theater by Nifayyi boasts a comfortable and spacious dining area, including an outdoor dining space for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Prayer rooms are also provided for the convenience of customers.

Ramadan buffet price at Warung Theater by Nifayyi is RM89 for adults, RM69 for seniors, and RM49 for children.

However, for a limited time, customers can enjoy a 30 percent discount until April 8th by scanning the displayed QR code.

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