Public toilet at Bota Kanan in poor condition, not well-maintained

By Aida Aziz
Photo: Fb Yop Aziz

BOTA: The situation at the Bota Kanan public toilet is dire and very saddening.

The issue is that it is no different from a toilet that is completely neglected by those responsible.

Through the sharing from Facebook user Yop Aziz, the damages that occurred there can be seen, including the severe condition inside

Furthermore, the state of Perak is actively promoting the Visit Perak Year.

This situation somewhat tarnishes the image of the state, especially, and the country in general, because toilets are an essential necessity for visitors.

Dirty toilets also reflect a lack of civic-mindedness in society.

According to Aziz, he hopes that the relevant parties will monitor the toilet so that it can be well-maintained

“To whoever is responsible for maintaining this restroom, please repair it immediately.

“Considering that Perak is currently promoting the Perak State Tourism Year 2024.

“YB DUN Bota, please take a moment to visit,” he said through a Facebook post.

Nevertheless, the local authorities (PBT) need to promptly address the urgent need to repair the facilities here.

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