Ramadan Iftar: Exploring Kellie’s Castle After Breaking Fast

By: Rosli Mansor

Feeling weary of breaking fast at hotels or cafes? How about, today, you change the ambience of your breaking fast to Kellie’s Castle, which offers a relaxed atmosphere!

The Ramadan Iftar held at the Courtyard of Kellie’s Castle not only offers a variety of village-style dishes but also provides the opportunity to explore the historic building.

Zamari Muhyi, the Director of Operations at Kellie’s Castle, mentioned that this inaugural Ramadan Iftar offers a unique experience to visitors.

“We accept group bookings, with each reservation requiring a minimum of 20 pax. If any of the visitors wish to tour Kellie’s Castle, we can arrange guided tours with our staff.”

“This Ramadan Iftar is an opportunity not to be missed to experience visiting Kellie’s Castle at night,” he said.

The buffet serves over 20 selections of traditional village dishes. Highlights include Roasted Lamb, Crab Cooked in Coconut Milk, Pineapple Curry with Salted Fish, Chicken cooked in Tomato Sauce, Catfish with Fermented Durian Curry, and many more.

The prices are RM48 (adults) and RM28 (children/senior citizens). The Ramadan Iftar runs from March 16, 2024, to April 8, 2024. Comfortable prayer facilities are provided, and there is ample parking space in Parking Lot B.

For inquiries, please contact 011 5504 1108 (Ila) or 016 544 2515 (Hakim).

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