25 Underprivileged Families Touched by Aman Wardah’s Contributions Ahead of Aidilfitri

BY: Zaki Saleh

IPOH: The arrival of 1 Syawal is eagerly anticipated as it signifies a day of victory for the Muslim community, urging individuals to strive for personal improvement and deepen their piety.

Certainly, not to be overlooked are the underprivileged families, who face difficulties alongside grappling with the cost of living.

In a bid to ensure that this group doesn’t feel marginalized, the non-governmental organization Aman Wardah has stepped forward to assist them through the Kasih Aman Wardah 2024 program.

This initiative is part of Aman Wardah’s annual efforts preceding Aidilfitri, alongside various other community programs.

The Chairperson of Aman Wardah, Azana Rita Abdul Aziz, stated that a total of 25 underprivileged families were selected based on the organization’s monitoring.

These families reside in areas such as Manjoi, Meru, Chemor, Klebang, Tambun, and Tanjung Rambutan.

“In this program, we provided contributions of kitchen essentials and RM100 worth of festive cookies, along with RM200 in cash.

“This time, Aman Wardah doubled the monetary contribution due to the increasing daily expenses.

“As Aidilfitri approaches after the start of the school session, we hope this assistance will aid these families in better preparations for the festive celebration,” she said.

Established over 10 years ago, Aman Wardah has been actively involved in charitable activities, particularly focusing on underprivileged families and students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It’s noteworthy that the NGO comprises members from various backgrounds, including educators, civil servants, entrepreneurs, professionals, and homemakers.

Azana Rita further emphasized that Aman Wardah’s efforts do not stop here; rather, they will continue to play an active role as an NGO in advocating for welfare issues.

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