CTCAL Conquered Kledang Hill

by KT Leong

The Climb to Change a Life (CTCAL) – Kledang Hill 2024 event was successfully held last Sunday at Kledang Hill. CTCAL was started by the ZY Movement Foundation (ZMF) and was organised this year in collaboration with Junior Chambers International (JCI) Kinta.

CTCAL is an activity designed to help children with movement disabilities discover their potential by making a climb with the support and companionship of volunteers, known as Life-Changers.

This year’s event, hosted by JCI Kinta, was attended by around 90 people, inclusive of the participants and their parents or guardians, as well as volunteers. It involved more than just a trek up Kledang Hill however, as other activities included “Making a Mark”, which was a batik painting activity and a knowledge sharing session to express their impressions of the climb.

Floyd Chin, the Organizing Chairperson of Climb to Change a Life, expressed hope for the event: “Today marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower those with movement disabilities. Together, we are climbing not just a hill, but the mountains of our challenges, proving that with determination and support, we can reach any summit. We hope this climb inspires everyone to continue pushing boundaries and supporting one another in all endeavours.”

“This event perfectly aligns with the 2024 JCI Kinta presidential theme of ‘Empower.’ Through Climb to Change a Life, we are not only empowering individuals but also fostering a spirit of unity and strength within the Ipoh community,” said Stephanie Hew, the 2024 JCI Kinta Local President.

Mr. Walter Lee, the founder of ZY Movement Foundation extended his gratitude to all the participants, volunteers, and organisers for their unwavering support and dedication. “Witnessing the smiles and triumphs of our participants today reaffirms our mission at ZY Movement Foundation. Together with JCI Kinta, we have shown that every climb, every step, and every act of support makes a world of difference,” he said, during the appreciation session.

The event was graced by State Assemblyman of Menglembu, YB Steven Chaw Kam Foon, as the guest of honour. In his speech, he commended the joint effort between JCI Kinta and ZY Movement Foundation, highlighting the positive impact of their collaboration in empowering the community. He expressed his hope to have more events like this in the future, emphasising the importance of inclusivity and support for those with disabilities.

90% of the event’s profit will be donated to Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Orang Kurang Upaya and ZY Movement Foundation, further supporting their noble causes.

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